Create a quiz in Blogger: How to Add MCQ Questions and Answers.


MCQ stands for Multiple Choice Questions. They are a common type of assessment or test format used in education, job interviews, and various forms of evaluations. MCQs consist of a question or statement followed by several answer choices, of which only one is correct. The person taking the test or assessment must select the correct answer choice from the provided options.

Here's how MCQs typically work:

1. Question or Statement: The question or statement presents a problem, scenario, or inquiry that the test-taker needs to respond to. This could be related to various subjects, such as mathematics, science, literature, history, or any other field of knowledge.

2. Answer Choices: Below the question or statement, there are multiple answer choices, usually numbered or lettered (e.g., A, B, C, D). These answer choices provide potential solutions or responses to the question or statement.

3. Selecting the Correct Answer: The test-taker is required to select the answer choice that they believe is correct. Only one answer is correct, and the goal is to choose it from the given options

4. Scoring: In most cases, each correct answer earns the test-taker a certain number of points or marks, while incorrect answers may result in penalties (negative marking) or no points at all, depending on the test's grading scheme.

5. Multiple Choice Format: MCQs are designed to test a person's knowledge, understanding, and critical thinking skills within a short time frame. They are efficient for assessing a wide range of topics and can be used for both objective and subjective subjects.

6. Multiple Correct Answers: Sometimes, there may be questions with multiple correct answer choices, and the test-taker is required to select all the correct choices. This is referred to as Multiple Response Questions (MRQs) or Multiple True-False Questions.

MCQs are popular because they offer several advantages, such as ease of grading, the ability to cover a broad range of topics efficiently, and the reduction of guessing through random chance. They are commonly used in standardized tests like the SAT, GRE, and various certification exams.

To study or prepare for MCQ-based assessments, individuals often use practice questions and answers to test their knowledge and improve their test-taking skills. These practice questions and answers help reinforce the material and provide a way to gauge one's readiness for the actual test.

Creating a quiz in a Blogger post involves adding questions, answer choices, and a method for collecting and scoring user responses. You can do this by embedding a third-party quiz tool or by manually creating a quiz within your blog post. Below, I'll explain both methods:

Method 1: Using a Third-Party Quiz Tool

1. Choose a Quiz Hosting Platform: There are many online platforms that allow you to create quizzes, such as Quizlet, Quizlet, Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, and others. Choose one that suits your needs.

2. Create Your Quiz: Sign in or create an account on the chosen platform, and create your quiz with questions and answer choices. Customize the quiz to your liking, including the format, design, and scoring options.

3. Generate Embed Code: Most quiz platforms provide an option to embed quizzes on other websites. Look for the "Embed" or "Share" option and generate the embed code for your quiz.

4. Copy the Embed Code: Copy the generated embed code to your clipboard.

5. Add the Quiz to Your Blogger Post:

   - Open your Blogger dashboard.

   - Create a new post or edit an existing one.

   - In the post editor, switch to the HTML or "Code" view.

   - Paste the embed code where you want the quiz to appear in your blog post.

   - Switch back to the "Compose" view to see the embedded quiz.

6. Preview and Publish: Preview your blog post to make sure the quiz displays correctly. Then, publish or update the post.

Method 2: Manually Create a Quiz in Blogger

If you prefer to manually create a quiz without using a third-party tool, you can use Blogger's built-in features to create a simple quiz. Here's how:

1. Create a New Post:

   - Log in to your Blogger dashboard.

   - Click on "New Post" to create a new blog post.

2. Add Questions and Answer Choices:

   - In the post editor, add your quiz questions one by one. You can format them as headings or paragraphs.

   - For each question, provide answer choices using bullet points or numbered lists.

3. Provide Scoring Instructions:

   - If your quiz has a scoring system, explain it to your readers. For example, you can specify how many points each correct answer is worth.

4. Collect Responses:

   - You can use Google Forms or a similar tool to collect user responses. Create a form to match the questions in your blog post.

   - In your blog post, provide a link to the form or embed the form using an iframe if supported.

5. Publish the Quiz:

   - Preview your blog post to ensure that the quiz looks and works as intended.

   - Finally, publish the blog post.

Remember that manually creating a quiz in Blogger gives you more control over the content and design but may lack advanced features like automatic scoring. For advanced features, consider using a dedicated quiz platform and embedding it into your Blogger post.

To add multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with answers to your Blogger blog and create a quiz, you can use a combination of text, images, and links. Blogger doesn't have built-in quiz or MCQ features, so you'll have to create the quiz content manually. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Log in to Your Blogger Account:

   - Go to Blogger (

   - Sign in with your Google account if you haven't already.

2. Create a New Blog Post:

   - In your Blogger dashboard, click on the "New Post" button to create a new blog post.

3. Add MCQ Questions:

   - In the post editor, type or paste your MCQ questions one by one. You can format them as headings, paragraphs, or use bullet points or numbers to make them clear.

4. Format Your Questions:

   - To make your questions stand out, you can use formatting options like bold or italics.

   - Use a numbered or bulleted list for answer choices under each question.

5. Provide Answer Choices:

   - List the answer choices below each question. You can use a simple format like this:     

     A. Choice 1

     B. Choice 2

     C. Choice 3

     D. Choice 4   

6. Add Correct Answers:

   - Clearly specify which answer choice is correct for each question. You can do this by indicating the correct answer choice with an asterisk or any other suitable method.

7. Collect User Responses:

   - To collect user responses and allow them to submit their answers, you can create a Google Form.

   - Go to Google Forms ( and create a new form with questions that correspond to the quiz questions in your blog post.

   - Customize the form and settings as needed.

8. Get the Google Form Link:

   - Once your Google Form is ready, get the shareable link.

   - Click on the "Send" button in Google Forms and copy the link provided.

9. Link to the Google Form:

   - In your Blogger post, insert a text link or a button with a call-to-action like "Submit Your Answers Here."

   - Highlight the text or button where you want to add the link.

   - Click the link icon in the editor toolbar and paste the Google Form link.

10. Preview and Publish:

    - Preview your blog post to make sure the questions, answer choices, and link to the Google Form are displayed correctly.

    - If everything looks good, click the "Publish" button to publish your blog post.

Now, when readers visit your blog post and click the link you provided, they can submit their answers through the Google Form, and you can review and score their responses separately. This method allows you to create a basic MCQ quiz on Blogger without the need for advanced quiz plugins or coding.